About Us

Hi! I’m Kate, the owner and plant lady behind Terra Velta. My goal is to help you find the perfect plant for you – whether it’s your first or your … well, who’s even counting anymore. My interest in plants developed over several years starting with a single houseplant I could barely keep alive to a collection of nearly 150 different plants.

I’ve learned that you can keep your plants happy by identifying two main things: what your plant needs and what you can offer. When you find matches between the two, you’re looking at the recipe for a thriving beauty.

Terra Velta started in 2017 with a single succulent. After learning to propagate and finding less and less room for the pups (succulent babies, offsets), Velta created the business in an effort to spread the plant love around. In 2020, as Velta was ready to have a pup of her own, Kate took the business over – eager to write the next chapter.

Originally specializing in locally grown succulents, Terra Velta has grown to offer a variety of plants that are sure to bring life into your home or office. In an effort to walk a bit lighter on the planet, almost all of our planters are vintage, thrifted, and/or upcycled.